Crowdinvesting: high-yield alternative for small investors?

What is Crowdinvesting? Digitization is also pushing for the capital market. Crowdinvesting will allow retail investors to participate in large-scale projects that were previously only available to financially strong investors. In times of low interest rates, this is an interesting alternative to the barely worthwhile fixed or overnight money. What is Crowdinvesting? for more. Read More

Mini Online Loan

    Online mini-credit: what is it?   More and more often you hear it in the news all around financial topics: Online mini-loans are becoming an increasingly well-known and interesting alternative compared to ‘normal’ loans. But what is Online Mini-Loan actually? Credit institution Oliver Twist, the specialist for this type of loan, answers the Read More

Consolidation Loans Rank 2019 | The Best Consolidation Ranking

Consolidation loans rank 2019. Is there a ranking of consolidation loans that objectively presents the best consolidation loans? Unfortunately not. Such a combination, however, can be done by ourselves. The best and cheapest consolidation loan? Certainly the ranking of consolidation loans will help to find such a loan … Just enter the ” consolidation loans Read More

Loan Insurance – Buying a Borrower Insurance

For many French people buying a home is synonymous with lending. To make a mortgage is also to look at the borrower insurance chapter. In this one, many novelties have taken place in recent years. In addition to the Hamon law, the Bourquin amendment also changes the situation. Loan insurance for what purposes? Buying a Read More

4 Tips To Pay Off Your Debts With A Limited Budget

Do you want to pay off your debts but do you feel that your limited budget could be sabotaging your efforts? Rest assured, you are not the only one. There are thousands of people who have used the tips we share below to not only pay off their debts, but also become masters of their Read More