Month: December 2019

The two types of retract strangulation credit.

We know two different types of strangulation loans. A repayment-free credit where you only pay interest and no repayment and a revolving credit where you pay 1% of the credit limit per month in interest and repayment. With a revolving credit you have to deal with variable interest rates. If the interest continues to rise, Read More

Credit without information

Anyone who has ever received a negative credit bureau entry, will have great problems in the future to get a loan. Even if the offense is many years ago, the problems remain. For example, a financial problem that only lasted for a short time could have negative effects years later, preventing investment or complicating personal Read More

Credit with immediate payment.

In some situations you immediately need a larger sum of money, for example, if you plan a move and want a new facility or you want to buy a new vehicle and want to pay cash to get a good discount. But usually one does not have such a large sum immediately ready, therefore it Read More