Author: Debra Nowlin

The two types of retract strangulation credit.

We know two different types of strangulation loans. A repayment-free credit where you only pay interest and no repayment and a revolving credit where you pay 1% of the credit limit per month in interest and repayment. With a revolving credit you have to deal with variable interest rates. If the interest continues to rise, Read More

Credit without information

Anyone who has ever received a negative credit bureau entry, will have great problems in the future to get a loan. Even if the offense is many years ago, the problems remain. For example, a financial problem that only lasted for a short time could have negative effects years later, preventing investment or complicating personal Read More

Credit with immediate payment.

In some situations you immediately need a larger sum of money, for example, if you plan a move and want a new facility or you want to buy a new vehicle and want to pay cash to get a good discount. But usually one does not have such a large sum immediately ready, therefore it Read More

Loans for unemployed young people onecredit for direct and indirect financing.

Youth guarantee mortgage rate Often the financial ones carry out activities of transfer of the portal, choose the same, do not use our advice is the life one.I rely on a personal loan without pay slip or convenient mortgage declaration because I pay a certain amount of money is undoubtedly the one that you will Read More

Credit without proof of employment

Many people want to fulfill a wish and do not have enough savings for it. Often then a loan is needed, which is available at many local banks. However, the banks do not just grant a loan as certain conditions have to be met. The creditworthiness of a prospective lender is crucial for the lenders Read More

Withdrawing extra credit.

You cannot take out infinite credit. With a revolving credit you have to deal with a credit limit. That is the maximum amount that can be borrowed. Do you need some extra money? Then you can take out extra credit every time, until you reach the credit limit. Did you then repay some money? Then Read More

Crowdinvesting: high-yield alternative for small investors?

What is Crowdinvesting? Digitization is also pushing for the capital market. Crowdinvesting will allow retail investors to participate in large-scale projects that were previously only available to financially strong investors. In times of low interest rates, this is an interesting alternative to the barely worthwhile fixed or overnight money. What is Crowdinvesting? for more. Read More

Mini Online Loan

    Online mini-credit: what is it?   More and more often you hear it in the news all around financial topics: Online mini-loans are becoming an increasingly well-known and interesting alternative compared to ‘normal’ loans. But what is Online Mini-Loan actually? Credit institution Oliver Twist, the specialist for this type of loan, answers the Read More

Consolidation Loans Rank 2019 | The Best Consolidation Ranking

Consolidation loans rank 2019. Is there a ranking of consolidation loans that objectively presents the best consolidation loans? Unfortunately not. Such a combination, however, can be done by ourselves. The best and cheapest consolidation loan? Certainly the ranking of consolidation loans will help to find such a loan … Just enter the ” consolidation loans Read More

Loan Insurance – Buying a Borrower Insurance

For many French people buying a home is synonymous with lending. To make a mortgage is also to look at the borrower insurance chapter. In this one, many novelties have taken place in recent years. In addition to the Hamon law, the Bourquin amendment also changes the situation. Loan insurance for what purposes? Buying a Read More

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